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Benefits Planner

As a Benefits Planner, Justin primarily assists elder law attorneys with accelerating Medicaid eligibility for their senior clients through the use of insurance products tailored toward each unique case. He provides support, education, and expertise on how attorneys can help seniors preserve their life savings when they’re faced with a long-term care stay.

Justin earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin””┬ŁOshkosh where he majored in Operations Management and Marketing. He has several years of experience working with an elder law attorney and helping seniors qualify for Medicaid and VA benefits in Florida before relocating back to Wisconsin in 2020. With this experience, Justin has a strong understanding of the Medicaid planning process, and he realizes how important it is for families to have an elder law attorney they can trust to work with them and provide the peace of mind they deserve.

In addition to his solid experience in the industry, Justin brings a passion for helping others to his role as a Benefits Planner. He appreciates the opportunity to help seniors get the care they need in the midst of a crisis. Once they are finally approved for Medicaid benefits, Justin loves seeing the approval letter and knowing the individual is grateful and can rest assured knowing they are covered.

In his free time, Justin enjoys spending time with his three daughters, his supportive and beautiful wife, their two cats, and two dogs.

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