Proposed 10% Medicaid Pay Boost in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey has proposed a 10% Medicaid pay increase for a total of $134.4 million in 2022 to go toward nursing homes. Facilities would need to spend at least 60% of that on a wage boost for staff members, while the rest would go toward infection control. This increase is meant to show value and support to the employees who are working hard to care for some of the most vulnerable in the community. Plus, this proposal would not require a tax increase.

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Since low Medicaid rates are a key contributor to nursing home staff turnover, other states are also considering Medicaid increases linked to staff wages and benefits. For instance, Maine is taking a new bill into consideration that would require a reevaluation of the base rate for the MaineCare Medicaid program every two years and require direct workers in long-term care to receive at least 125% of the minimum wage.


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