Long-Term Care Insurance

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Plan for a long-term care stay before a crisis strikes with a Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance policy. With multiple carriers and product options available, this policy is tailored to your client’s needs.

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What is Traditional LTCI?

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) provides financial coverage in the event of a stay in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or in cases of home health care services. Traditional LTCI functions like a typical insurance policy – the owner pays a premium now in exchange for future benefits. The policy doesn’t hold any cash value and can be structured to meet the client’s needs, such as providing a specific daily benefit amount in the event of a long-term care stay.

Product Features

A Flexible Policy That Offers the Ultimate Financial Security

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Affordable Policy Options

Traditional LTCI can be structured to fit the client’s specific anticipated needs without breaking their budget. Custom options include the benefit period, daily benefit amount, premium payment structure, and elimination period. Plus, the daily benefit amount can be built around your state’s average cost of care, ensuring your client gets the perfect amount of coverage without overpaying for benefits they don’t need. Our goal is to design a plan that provides great protection at the right price.

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State Partnership
Program Eligible

Only Traditional LTCI is eligible for a state partnership program. This program (available in most states) benefits the client in the event they consume all their LTCI benefits. For the policy benefits paid on behalf of the client, that same amount will be exempt for Medicaid, meaning the client can seek Medicaid eligibility, if needed, without adhering to the typical asset limitations.

Medicaid Qualification Screening

Pre-Screening Process

Don’t let the fear of being denied prevent your client from exploring LTCI coverage. We provide anonymous pre-screening to determine whether or not your client would likely qualify. If they are a good candidate, they can proceed with confidence through the process. If not, we’ll advise on this up front, saving them from receiving an official LTCI denial on their record.

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Optional return of premium rider ensures funds are not lost to the insurance company.

Joint policies with shared benefit pool available.

Single Premium & paid up to 10 years available

When is Traditional LTCI Appropriate?

If you have a client in good health between the ages of 30 and 79, this product can help them protect their financial future. Traditional LTCI is typically best suited for those who do not have a large lump sum to invest into a policy and are looking for a more cost-effective option while still ensuring they are covered in the event of a long-term care stay. Because the policy has no cash value, it could also be appropriate for a healthy community spouse whose partner is seeking Medicaid benefits.