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As national experts in crisis planning for Medicaid and VA, Dale M. Krause, J.D., LL.M., and Thomas R. Krause, J.D., are regular speakers at legal and insurance forums across the country.  With topics ranging from Medicaid planning basics to using annuities in VA planning, as well as audiences ranging from elder law and estate planning attorneys to insurance agents and financial advisers, Krause Financial Services is sure to help make your event a success.  If you’re hosting an event and are interested in Krause Financial Services speaking, contact marketing@medicaidannuity.com today or complete our online inquiry form.

For a list of our upcoming speaking engagements, see our Events Calendar.


Dale  and Thomas will speak on:

  • What every Estate Planning attorney needs to know about Crisis Medicaid Planning
  • The ever-changing world of Medicaid and Veterans benefits
  • Insurance solutions for senior clients facing financial burdens caused by transition into long-term care
  • Types of insurance products used in Medicaid and Veterans planning
  • How products differ from traditional insurance products
  • State-specific rules and regulations for using Medicaid and Veterans products
  • Ensuring benefit eligibility for clients
  • Accelerated eligibility
  • Circumstances for using Medicaid compliant annuities
  • Promissory Notes
  • Comparison to traditional crisis planning methods