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Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

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Krause Financial Services Expert Testimony and Litigation

We stand behind our products.

Sometimes, cases are misunderstood and result in a denial of benefits.  In many situations, the denial can be remedied at the caseworker level.  If not, we will work with you through the fair hearing process.  We stand behind our products and planning services and will provide the guidance and support needed for your client’s case.

How do I work with Krause Financial Services?

We take pride in being the experts and the trusted resource for crisis Medicaid planning. Contact us with your case denial details, and one of our in-house legal experts will work with you. We stand by our product.

Are there any fees for Expert Testimony and Litigation?

There is no fee for this service if the annuity was purchased through our company.  If the annuity was not purchased through our company, this support service is available for an additional cost.

Contact Us if you need Expert Testimony and Litigation

If you need our help for expert testimony and litigation support on a Medicaid Compliant Annuity case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.