Top 6 Medicaid Planning Resources You Don't Want to Miss

Year after year, successful Elder Law attorneys and their staff rely on Krause Financial Services Medicaid planning resources. Want to know what they already know? Here are our “Top 6 Top 6 Medicaid Planning Resources You Don’t Want to Miss.”

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#6 The KFS KrauseCAST Webinars

KFS hosts monthly, live webinars which cover topics like “Calculating Medicaid Planning Figures, “Partial Cures vs. Gift/Annuity Planning,” “Advanced Medicaid Planning for a Married Couple,” and more. Each webinar concludes with a live Q&A session, too.

And we understand your customers come first. If you’re unable to attend, that is ok. All of our webinars are recorded and available 24/7 from your Attorney Access account.

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#5 The KFS Blog

We publish on our KFS blog bi-weekly in order to help you stay up-to-date on all elder law topics and questions. We understand how complex Medicaid Compliant Annuities can be and we want to create posts that are more digestible to understand.





#4 KFS Attorney Access Dashboard

Your one, centralized stop, the KFS Attorney Access Dashboard provides all your necessary resources at your fingertips. Easy navigation to your state-specific Medicaid planning figures to timely industry news articles and announcements– all your resources for planning are one-click from your dashboard.

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#3 The Annual Krause Report

Complimentary and chock-full of the most-to-date Medicaid planning information, strategies and tips, the annually-released Krause Report is a vital report for anyone working in crisis Medicaid planning. We explain strategies, the Medicaid compliant products we provide, and how best to help your client out in the trying time of crisis Medicaid planning.





#2 State-specific Medicaid planning figures

Need to know the state-specific Medicaid figures you are using are up-to-date? Of course you do. We all do. KFS constantly updates your state-specific resources online and in print and we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate figures for each state. Regardless of where you practice or where your client lives, we have your figures covered.





#1 Our KFS team of dedicated, professional Benefit Planners

Medicaid Planning is complex. With one phone call, you can be connected to one of our team of professional Benefits Planners at Krause Financial Services. You will have a live person help you find the answer, receive individualized attention for every question or case and you will have an expert that is one phone call away. In our annual KFS customer service survey, anonymous survey respondent #42 said,

“To say that Medicaid planning is time-sensitive is a gross understatement. You guys do a great job in providing very responsive turnarounds. Thank you.”


Whatever resource you require– from KFS’s renown personalized service to your state’s unique, ever-changing Medicaid figures– KFS has you covered. Contact KFS for your free case assessment today at (866) 605-7437 or [email protected]. If you would like to use our free “Request a Quote” online feature, click here.



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