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Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D., CBC
Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D., CBC

Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Debra Schuster, J.D.

In our latest episode of Elder Law Attorney News, Legal Affairs Advisor Andrea Gage-Michaels, J.D. interviews attorney Debra Schuster of Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, PC, to discuss her latest project—a non-profit organization designed to provide guardianship services to our most vulnerable members of the community. Her focus? Establishing guardianship relationships centered on empathy and respect.

In this interview, Andrea and Debra discuss what her non-profit is aiming to accomplish, why it’s necessary for seniors and the disabled to have qualified advocates on their side, and even some of her top tips for attorneys who may be seeking to establish their own non-profit organization. Don’t miss this insightful discussion!

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