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Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Valerie Peterson, J.D.
Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Valerie Peterson, J.D.

Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Lisa Neeley, J.D.

In this month’s episode of Elder Law Attorney News, Andrea Gage-Michaels interviews Attorney Lisa Neeley, Partner at Mirick O’Connell in Massachusetts.

A recent case is putting a new spin on the use of Medicaid Compliant Annuities for the community spouse in that state. Hear from Lisa on the details of the case, the client she represented, and how the argument of the “Sole Benefit Rule” may supersede the requirement to name the state Medicaid agency as primary beneficiary on an annuity. Plus, Lisa comments on the implications this holds for Massachusetts attorneys going forward.

Watch the full interview now! For more details on this case, check out our recent analysis from our in-house attorney, Scott Engstrom, here.

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