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Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Debra Schuster, J.D.
Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Debra Schuster, J.D.

Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Steve Riley, J.D.

Join Legal Affairs Advisor Andrea Gage-Michaels, J.D., as she sits down with Steve Riley, J.D., Certified Practice Advisor for Atticus—a practice development firm that helps attorneys take control of their firm and grow their revenue in the process.

In this in-depth interview, Steve discusses the key pieces attorneys need to recognize in order to build a profitable law firm. He tackles everything from dealing with under-performing employees, the importance of consistent marketing, and what attorneys should consider when deciding between an hourly and flat fee-based service agreement with clients. Plus, he shares his four cornerstones for a successful practice.

This interview contains important information every attorney should know! Watch now to learn more.

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