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Elder Law Interview Featuring Julieanne Steinbacher
Elder Law Interview Featuring Julieanne Steinbacher

Elder Law Interview Featuring Dan Flack

In this Elder Law Interview, Alisa Lamal, our Legal Content Specialist, sits down with Dan Flack, Medicaid Coordinator and Head Legal Assistant at KC Elder Law in the Kansas City area.

With over 20 years of experience, Dan has become an expert on guiding clients through the Medicaid application process. He is often regarded by state caseworkers as completing some of the most comprehensive applications.

Dan shares insight into submitting the Medicaid application and the challenges he has encountered over the years. He will discuss:

  • What to do if your client forgets to disclose assets
  • The best method for submitting the application
  • When to submit the application in a Gifting/MCA case
  • The importance of following up on the application status
  • Responding to pushback from a Medicaid caseworker

Gain extensive insight on this topic by watching the full interview!

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