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Lawyers and Lattes Featuring Stephanie Prestridge of Lineage Law, LLC
Lawyers and Lattes Featuring Stephanie Prestridge of Lineage Law, LLC

Lawyers and Lattes Featuring Christine Brown Murphy of Zacharia Brown

In this month’s episode of Lawyers and Lattes, your caffeinated counselor, Andrea Gage-Michaels, J.D., interviews Christine Brown Murphy, Partner and elder law attorney at Zacharia Brown in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. During this segment, Christine dives into creative solutions attorneys can take to better serve their senior clients.

One of her go-to tools? Caregiver agreements for the adult children. When done properly, this can accomplish both accelerated eligibility for medical assistance benefits and provide compensation to the child for their efforts. Plus, with most seniors and their families trying to avoid going into a facility during the pandemic, a caregiver agreement can be the ultimate solution.

Watch now to get the details on this strategy and how it can benefit your clients.

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