REGISTER: How to Use Online and In-Person Workshops to Get Paying Clients

July 21, 2020 | 11:00AM CDT


Elder Law attorneys are in a unique position where their services benefit an at-risk sector of the population. It is essential that you continue marketing to your community and help those who need you now more than ever. During this 30-minute presentation, special guest presenter Jim Blake of Bambiz will discuss:

  • Where your future clients are spending their time and how to capture their attention
  • How to build a real relationship with a new potential client you’ve never met in person
  • Why direct mail is no longer effective for elder law or estate planning firms
  • How to decide between on-demand and live webinar workshops
  • How to film your workshop if you plan on hosting your event online
  • The biggest marketing mistake you can make with your budget
  • How to not sound like a salesperson when talking to potential clients
  • The #1 reason why many qualified consultations go unscheduled after your workshop
  • How to follow up with your workshop leads to maximize appointments and revenue

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Jim Blake

Jim Blake

Owner, Bambiz Marketing

As the founder and owner of Bambiz Marketing, Jim helps elder law and estate planning attorneys book more consultations, improve their practices, and acquire and retain more clients. Through Bambiz, Jim provides services such as workshop marketing, local SEO and authority marketing, email management, lead generation, and so much more.

Visit the Bambiz website to learn more about Jim and the services Bambiz provides for attorneys and their firms.


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