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Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D., CBC
Elder Law Attorney News Featuring Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D., CBC

E-Lawyering in 2021: How to Collaborate Online and Generate Revenue through Alternative Business Models

Over the past year, we’ve all learned to take part of our practices online. But what is e-lawyering, and how can we build client collaboration and technology tools (legal products!) into this new form of practice? Most lawyers think of document automation as strictly an internal tool for increasing efficiency. It is that, of course; but, it’s also so much more. Law firms can (and should) use client-facing tools to serve DIY-leaning clients or those clients who wouldn’t otherwise hire a lawyer at all. And, since these systems can be made available to clients at any time, they can increase revenue and lead to creative revenue sources.

This also poses a new gray area in ethics. As a topic on the minds of many lawyers, states are issuing new rules on how legal services can be provided across the board. We’ll cover what online activity can create an attorney-client relationship, what disclaimers need to be provided on consumer-facing tools, and when UPL issues may arise if you’re building and selling your tech with non-lawyers.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss these concerns and show you case studies on how you can create your own version of LegalZoom, but better, including:

  • Creating a frictionless client-intake process
  • How to affordably develop a minimum viable product to test the market for your concept
  • How to collaborate with clients online and build your own legal product
  • Developing a pricing plan for client-facing document automation services
  • A discussion of the ethical considerations around automated legal applications, including the creation of an attorney-client relationship
  • Case studies of innovative applications in family law, estate planning, housing, and more!

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