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Elder Law Interview Featuring Nina Whitehurst, J.D.
Elder Law Interview Featuring Nina Whitehurst, J.D.

Elder Law Interview Featuring Jim Blake

Join our Legal Content Specialist, Alisa Lamal, as she interviews Bambiz founder Jim Blake. Bambiz is a marketing firm that provides online marketing services to elder law and estate planning attorneys. In this session, Jim will share tips for leveraging your digital marketing presence to attract more clients, including:

  • The types of marketing mediums attorneys should focus their attention towards
  • Shifting your website’s messaging to your clients and how you can help them
  • Considerations to keep in mind when choosing to plan either in-person seminars or online webinars
  • The return on investment to expect and how working with a marketing firm can save attorneys billable time

Learn how to enhance your firm’s digital marketing efforts. Watch the interview today!

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